Wörthersee Plus Card

Benefit from the Wörthersee Plus card: free entrance to beach clubs around lake Wörthersee, free participation in walking-tours, yoga, guided herb tours, fitness units etc. Good thing you can use the card for free as long as you stay!

Joys of swimming included

At the Keutschacher See, Rauschelesee and Lake Wörthersee you get to enjoy the water for free from Monday to Sunday at:

  • Community beach club Velden
  • Beach club Wrann in Velden
  • Beach club Schiefling
  • Beach club Dellach
  • Beach club Pörtschach
  • Beach club Keutschacher See
  • Beach club Rauschelesee
  • Beach club Krumpendorf
  • Beach club Reifnitz
  • Beach club Sekirn
On the way with the ship

Explore lake Wörthersee by ship and pay 50% less.

Wörthersee Plus Card is valid from 1th April to 26th October 2023.

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Subject to modifications
Source: Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH, http://www.woerthersee.com/